joyami Multi Cooker

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  • Revolutionize Your Cooking Game: joyami's 9-in-1 Multi Cooker lets you pressure cook, air fry, sous vide, dehydrate, warm, sauté, bake, and steam all in one appliance.
  • Safety First: With 16 layers of safety protection, including lid opening protection, pressure limit protection, and over-temperature protection, you can cook with peace of mind.
  • Dual Control Panel: joyami's 21-in-1 Multi Cooker features separate control panels for the air fryer and pressure cooker, with 8 preset functions for the pressure cooker and 9 preset functions for the air fryer.
  • 360° Turbo Heating: Enjoy healthier, crispier meals with 85% less oil and no need to flip thanks to joyami's 360° Turbo Heating technology.
  • Pressure Stew for Healthier Eating: Lock in nutrition and flavor with joyami's Pressure Stew function, creating a delicious aroma for healthier eating.
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Elevate your cooking game today

Dual Control Panel

Experience the versatility you've always wanted in your kitchen. With not one, but two lids at your disposal, effortlessly transition from the precision of a pressure cooker to the sizzle of an air fryer. Prepare to delight your taste buds and explore a world of culinary possibilities

Switch Seamlessly Between Pressure Cooking and Air Frying

Joyami Multi Cooker

In the mood for succulent pressure-cooked meals or crispy delights from the air fryer? With Joyami Multi Cooker, it's a breeze to switch between the two. Whether you're craving hearty stews or guilt-free air-fried treats, this kitchen marvel has you covered.