JOYAMI Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner JW2

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  • Perfect for quickly and easily cleaning up dry and wet messes
  • Vacuum and mop your floors in one easy step.
  • Cordless design, easy to maneuver. 
  • Ideal for any surface. easily switched between cleaning carpets and hard floors
  • Quickly dry in 2 minutes, ANTI-BACTERIA 
  • Self-cleaning system keeps your hands clean
  • Efficiently cleans corners and wall edges.


Vacuum & mop cut cleaning time in half. No need to mop after. Powerful suction up debris and liquid at the same time

Two tank system keeps mopping with clean water

UV sanitizer, anti-bacteria

Tangle free brush rolls. Keeps pet hair from wrapping around. Safe cleaning for multi-surface.

Self-driven, easy maneuverability; cordless convinience, up to 35 mins run time

Self-cleaning, one step vacuum & wash at the same time

Led screen, voice alerts

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Vacuum & Mop

suction up debris and liquid at the same time. Safe cleaning for multi-surface.

Tangle free, Pet friendly

Tangle- free brush roll. Pick up pet hair. Continuous fresh water cleaning.

LCD display

Keep your floors dry and clean in one easy step; better cleaning experience.

Self Cleaning & Self-driven

Hands free cleaning; support drying mode; move freely anywhere

Cut cleaning time in half

Vacuum & Mop

Easily deal with all kinds of dry and wet garbage

Keep your floors dry and clean in one easy step


Quick drying in 2 minutes

3-in-1 roller brushes washing, spinning and drying. Fast hot air drying in 2 minutes. keep away unpleasant odor and mildew

single-sided borderless design

enhanced brush head to clean corners and wall edges more easily and effectively, vacuum and mop the floor in one step.


Easy Maneuverability

joyami 4-in-1 self-cleaning system keeps your hands clean. Featuring smart sensor technology to shift modes to clean any and all messes

Multi-surface cleaning

Continuous fresh water cleaning

easily switch between cleaning hard floors and carpets

Product Details

LCD Display

advanced LCD display and helpful voice prompts all combined for an immersive, joyful, peaceful and most importantly effective cleaning experience.

Edge Cleaning

A remarkable, cordless, lightweight, and ergonomic design wet dry vacuum. A special-designed brush head provides optimized cleaning along baseboards and corners.

Easy to-Clean

With a self-propelled design, you are free to clean every corner of your home with ease and comfort.